Minutes of October 1, 2015 Meeting

Attending: Michael Helmantoler, Brad Gurney and Margaret Buttars

We are waiting for the easement on the Kofford land to put the sign on, There needs to be a survey and legal description filed with the county.

We need a 10 acre lot on the old Camp Floyd property from the McKinney to build a 1860 period style visitors center, museum, town hall, police office.

Michael made a 400 person outline of the descendants of Camp Floyd Blacksmith Abraham Close Hodge from FamilySearch.org. Similar outlines can be generated of the other civilian families in the 1860 Camp Floyd Census. These charts have email addresses that can be used to contact living descendants. They may want to contribute to our land acquisition project

Eagle Mountain is expanding between Fairfield and Cedar Fort. The land expansion is coming, we need to preserve the property around Fairfield before it is gone.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, November 5th. Everyone is needed. We are launching our visitor center project by writing a proposal to submit to raise a million dollars.

New  Visitor Center Complex

The Friends of Camp Floyd and Fairfield town and the Camp Floyd Stage Coach Inn State Park are preparing a fund raising proposal to build a new historic looking complex on the site of old Camp Floyd.

The project is raising funds for the construction of a multi-tenant, Camp Floyd period looking visitor’s center.  Phase one is raising $150,000 to acquire about ten acres of empty land on the site of Camp Floyd.  A project manager will be obtained to prepare and manage a professional proposal to government and private funding sources.

The monthly meetings on the first Thursday of the month in 2016 will be focused on this projects.  This page on the website will be updated as the  proposal is developed.  We welcome interested parties to join our Google+ site