Some Objections To Fairfield Prison Site By Russell Felt

The following points were submitted to the commission via their form.

1.       There cannot possibly be the availability of water adequate for Prison needs.  What is the State projecting those needs to be?  There would be the need of deep large wells and that would cause significant problems for people in the Valley who rely on wells.  An example is what Saratoga wells on the Eastside of the Jordan River have done to wells of people in that area.  When I built in Lehi on the Westside many years ago, I needed a well.  State water resources were even to the point of rude saying there was not adequate water.  They approved the well saying I was the last.  That was years ago and many, many wells have since been approved and drilled including some 24 inch wells and they have created problems for people who rely on their wells.  What studies have been done regarding water resources in Cedar Valley ?

 2.       There is no infrastructure for a prison.  Highways are not adequate.  Power would have to be expanded.  There are no health facilities in the Valley.  There is no close availability to Food suppliers.  There are no air traffic facilities nearby.  There are no sewage treatment facilities.  What would the projected costs for taxpayers for these and other needs? 

 Note:  when prisoners are transported to Utah by air, there would then be the need to transport them 60 miles, one way.  Also, there are frequent inmate legal hearings.  There would be the need to transport them back and forth to Salt Lake . 

 3.       In an ecclesiastical setting I was frequently questioned, by phone, where inmates’ families could find lodging to visit family members at Point of the Mountain.  There is great potential for inmate legal action due to inability to be close to family members.  There are no accommodations in Cedar Valley for family stays.

 4.       Camp Floyd State Park purchased a small parcel of land and was prevented from any development until rigorous arsenic studies had been completed.  The study for two acres was expensive and took considerable time to complete.  The arsenic had apparently leached from nearby mountain mining concerns.  There would be considerable expense and time to do those studies for something as large as a prison.  And the possibility of lawsuits by inmates highly likely.

 5.       It seems probable that Fairfield area is a possible site because it is small in population and therefore fewer objections would be raised. That would not be fair.

 6.       Near the airport in Salt Lake would solve long travel issues and would put inmates closer to where they would need to be for hearings and trials and for family access.

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