We plan to publish a series of booklets about the civilians and military

Camp Floyd Utah Soldiers Poetry – By John Haws

These soldier written poems were published in the Valley Tan newspaper which served Camp Floyd. These poems.  John Haws is the societies archivist and publishes on many Facebook pages concerning Utah

History of Fairfield Utah – by Beulah Hanson

This account of the establishment and early history of Fairfield Utah was found in the personal effects of the author by her daughters.  It was written in 1945 and revised in 1960.

Fairfield Utah Historic Walking Tour – Lynn Carson and Michael Helmantoler

This is a multimedia out door experience.  Numerous sign posts containing short descriptions and computer bar codes are being linked to internet pages.  The booklet connects the narrative by location sign post.

Frogtown Establishments – By John Haws

Frogtown was the name for Fairfield during the period of from Camp Floyd.  Research of local advertising and business records and histories describe the commercial environment around Camp Floyd.

Pony Express and Overland Stage at Camp Floyd – By Russ Felt

Fairfeld was a key transportation out-post for the region and laid the foundation for the telegraph.

First Families of Fairfield Utah by Pam and Lynn Carson

This is a compilation of family histories of families listed in the 1860 Census.

Dobie Town Utah Gentile Enterprises by Michael Moon

A PG rated booklet describing the mining boom-town atmosphere just across the creek from Camp Floyd

Camp Floyd Utah Military Biographies by Chuck Mood

Officers serving at Camp Floyd became the leaders of both Armies of the Civil War

The above titles are scheduled to be published in 2015 and available for purchase at the Camp Floyd Stagecoach Inn State Park Commissary/Museum and on the Friends of Camp Floyd web site,

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