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Welcome to the Fairfield Utah Historical Society (FUHS) Web Page

Membership Information: Membership is through the Friends of Camp Floyd a 501.C3 charity that sponsors the Historical Society in cooperation with the town of Fairfield Utah.

Specialty: The Fairfield Historical Society focuses on the Camp Floyd period of 1858-1861. It was called Frogtown during the Army occupation by 3,500 troops. Frogtown was a boom town similar to those found in mining towns complete with saloons, hotels and painted ladies. After the Army left at the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861 only 18 families remained.

 Membership Benefits: We have collected a 100 article archive that is housed in the Lehi City Historical Archive in Lehi,

Meetings: The first Thursday of the month at the Lehi City Historical Archives at 2151 North Pointe Meadow Drive Lehi, Utah 84043.  It is on the way from I-15 to Fairfield via the 2100 North exit.

Services: A museum is located in the Commissary building at the Camp Floyd State Park at 18035 W. 1540 N. Fairfield, UT 84013  The Fairfield Historical Society Archive is housed at the Lehi City Historical Archive.

Certificate Programs: First Families of Fairfield Utah Certificate and Boy Scout Merit Badge.

Periodicals: We are social media focused site and deliver our information via our blog, Facebook page and Google+

2015 Publications:

Camp Floyd Utah Soldiers Poetry – Haws

Fairfield Utah Historic Walking Tour – Helmantoler

History of Fairfield Utah – Hanson

Frogtown Establishments – Haws

Dobietown Utah Gentile Enterprises – Moon

Pony Express and Overland Stage at Camp Floyd

Camp Floyd Utah Military Biographies – Mood

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